Refuses big hits and yet does not regret. One and only kareena kapoor..

Kareena-Kapoor-KhanKareena Kapoor has rejected many films and yet she is proud of it! Movies like Kal Ho Na Ho, Fashion, Chennai Express and now Ramleela, which she rejected, have gone on to be huge success and still she does not regret rejecting them and is proud that she gave away great movies to other actresses!

Speaking on the matter, Kareena Kapoor is said to have said that she is kind of mad this way, that she will not do a film if she does not like the script and would rather stay at home, enjoy, go partying or travel. She says that there is no other heroine in the Bollywood who would leave films like that and give them to others so that they get to do it.

She does not accept any film if she didn’t want to do it, even if it was of a big banner. She accepts that she has not figured out what clicks for her, as an actor. She says that she will only do films that she believes in. If she does not want to do a film, she is probably first to leave. And things have stayed that way for the last ten years.

So has the famous Kareena Kapoor ever regretted not doing movies that became hugely successful? She replies that she is not the kind of person who has regrets in their lives and she does not look back in life. She is always thankful to god for her success.

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