Alia Bhatt Will be Big Star


Alia Bhatt fell in big controversy for participating in the Bollywood extravaganza in Uttar Pradesh’s Saifai village. “I don’t want to stretch this topic because it is kind of over. I would say that nobody tried to hurt anybody… we are not sadistic people. We did good cause as well. I do feel bad for not being aware. I was aware of the riots… but I was not aware of the circumstances few days prior to the event. I feel bad about that and I genuinely believe I should be more aware of the happenings,” Alia said.

“Highway” is the latest movie of Alia Bhatt. “There were lot of challenges doing this role- physical and emotional. There is certain amount of action in the film but not choreographed, which is more strenuous. My body would be in a lot of pain for days,” Alia said. Paineeti Predicated that Alia will be a very big star.

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When Alia laughed and cried!

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