Is Sunny Still Working in Adult Movies?

Sunny-LeoneWaiting for the release of her second movie, Sunny Leone is again ready to set the audiences’ and her critiques’ mind thinking not only about her pretty looks but also for her work as a promising actress in her upcoming movie Jackpot.

In an interview, the Indian origin porn actress Sunny Leone revealed the answer for a very common FAQ related to her since she made her debutant act in Jism 2. People have been anxious to know about her further ventures in porn world and when asked about this she denies it as a misconception as she had stopped working in adult films soon after joining Bigg Boss. She also says whatever has been done in past cannot be undone and the stuffs also cannot be erased from the internet. Acting in porns as a heroine has become a past for her in 2008 only after the formation of her company, where she accompanied her husband as a part of the production and nothing more than that.

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