Nobody Can Do Better Than John Abraham


John Abraham still ready to take his role in the film of Dhoom series. He love to do that the role again.

“For me it’s all about motorcycles,” says the actor. The self-confessed motor head is planning a film on motorcycle racing. “I really want to do a racing film, specifically as a biker. Because motorcycling has not been shown with much credibility on screen despite the fact that it has a real big market. We are working on the script,” says the actor.

“Yes, of course. Only I can do it. You can’t take the bike out of John or vice versa,” asserts the actor-producer said about the role. “I want to make out-of-the-box films that will not only offer something novel to the audience at home but also appeal to a larger audience overseas and I don’t necessarily mean the Indian diaspora,” added the actor.

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