Now the turn for Anurag Kashayp and Kalki

Anurag-Kashyap-and-Kalki-KoechlinThere is problem between Anurag Kashyab and his life partner, but the man who failed in family life is in angry. Because he is very much irritated for the interest of the people who are looking into his family life.

“We issued a statement.. That’s it. I don’t think it is anybody’s business to know what is happening in my personal life. We issued a joint statement and that should end the whole… What people want to know and think I don’t want to talk about that,” Kashyap said here last evening. The making time of Dev D created new lovers and got married in 2011. Now they are going to end their relation just like Hrithk and Sussen. On this, Kashyap said, “It is their business I am no one to comment on their personal life. I don’t think it is anybody’s business what happens in anybody’s personal life.”

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