Preity Zinta’s financial problem

Preity-ZintaIt is heard that preity Zinta is changing her residents, and news came as it is due to her debts. “There is so much drama in that story. Bechari Preity. She has to vacate her mahal and live in a jhopdi because the cruel creditors are breaking down her door. I wish people would look for their afternoon soap opera scripts somewhere else. There is no such drama happening in my life,” says Preity Zinta.

Preity says, “Where did this come from? I am amazed at how off the mark this report is. It is a thousand percent untrue. By the grace of God, I’m most comfortably able to look after myself financially. It is not only untrue, it’s extremely irritating to read such fabrications about oneself.” She said about the report to lease out” her flat to pay her debts.”I am not going bankrupt, guys. If anything I see a bankruptcy of another kind in desperate news like reports like these,” laughs Preity.

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