Salam Just Like Me To Deal With Girl Friends Says His Father


Salim kahn said more about his son in an interview view. He said about his charity work nature from child hood onwards.

He said “He was 10 years old when, at his school, the father said to all the students in the class that there were
certain boys who could not go home for. The father told the students that if any one of them could afford it, they should take one boy with them home for lunch. Salman immediately asked the father, ‘How many kids are there?’ He said there are 12. Salman said, ‘I will take all of them.’ And he would get them all home day after day in his jeep .

They would come home for lunch and all eat here. They still come home and remember those times. I always tell people that they don’t know the pleasure of giving. If you give to a man who really needs it, you get another level of happiness. People who don’t give, don’t know that pleasure.”

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