Shah Rukh Khan Having Jealousy


Shah Rukh asked Sonu to show his body in an Award Function. SRK was hosting the show and Sonu came up onto the dais to pay tribute to the action directors and stunt men in Bollywood, stunned the audience with a special act at the awards gala.

As per the question of the SRK Sonu take off his jacket and vest to show off his body. Shah Rukh then admitted that he is jealous of his “Happy New Year” co-star’s body. Once Sonu said that “Everyone is following a fitness regime. For the last schedule, I was absent for 10 days and everyone told me that they gained two to three kg in that period. When we were shooting, everyone used to have salads and junk food was not allowed on the set” They are working together for the movie of “Happy New Year”

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