Shock Treatment from Sonu

Sonu-NigamAfter a tussle with songs organization T-series, Sonu Nigam quickly declared his retirement that remaining his enthusiastic lovers stunned and concerned and indicated his discomfort over some contractual problems. Sonu did not quit at just this but asked for the individuals to take up the issue and assisting his cause as they have reinforced the problems of the LGBT group.

We produce you his tweets about this issue “ I’d rather sit at home and do Yoga than get into this mess. Shekhar ji is a good man, and understands our compulsions. I’ve asked him to get my voice dubbed by anyone who agrees to sign this… I’m sure the music will speak for itself. We guess that the politics in Bollywood is the main villain to kick the Sonu Nigam. We know that it is not the right time for him to announce his retirement from film music.

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