Tanishaa Celebrates Her New Year With Ajay Devgan And Family


Tanishaa skipped her New Year party from Armaan Kohli who was her companion in Bigg Boss7. She spent her party with her sister Kajol and brother-in-law Ajay Devgn and their two children at the couple’s farmhouse in Karjat. She said after her returns of the show Tanishaa said, “My sister Kajol and the rest of the family was concerned about my decision to go into ‘Bigg Boss’. They were naturally protective of me. But they never stopped me from going. I had promised my sister, ‘Kads, no matter what happens; I wouldn’t lose my dignity in there.’ I think I kept my word.”

“I missed my family so much. And they missed me too. But the one who missed me the most was my niece Nysa. And very honestly, the one member of my family I missed the most was Nysa. She is the first baby of the family in years. She is deeply attached to me, as I am to her. And she was missing her maasi the most.” This time she enjoyed a lot with her lovely family to be happy in Happy New Year.

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