What Is Wrong With Karan Johan and Kareena Kapoor

Karan-Johar-and-Kareena-KapoorShuddhi” is the latest talk show of the Bollywood. Karan Johar is coming with his latest movie which is considered as the dream project of the movie. However, going by Karan Johar‘s latest tweet, the director has announced the release of the film in 2015 and is currently finalizing the cast. But the cast of the film yet to be finalized. Previously, talk went for Kareena Kapoor as the actress. And Hritik Roshan also came out from the show.

But the recent tweet by Karan Johar indicates a lack of communication between the two. While Karan announced the revival of Shuddhi to the entire world, why wouldn’t he want to keep Kareena Kapoor in the loop? And also says that Deepika Padukone’s career graph is on a high these days and looking much stronger compared to Kareena Kapoor’s.

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