Prbhu Deva Speaks on the Success of R…Rajkumar

Prabhu-DevaPrabhu Dheva, since he returned to Bollyland as a director has been setting a new trend in producing Indian movies. The desi tadka that he adds to his movies have been appreciated by the audiences a lot. The critics who might have dejected his movies are generally proved wrong by the audience and the same has happened for his latest movie R…Rajkumar too.

In an interview, after attaining success of R…Rajkumar, Prabhu Deva talks about the audience’s response in case of R…Rajkumar, critics’ comments and why he believes that his genre of films would never die where he says “I can understand some people like a film, some don’t and I respect everyone’s views. But there was a lot of criticism when the film had just released. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday saw a good response at the box office and then, when the film was holding well even on Monday, Tuesday and thereafter, we felt why there was so much criticism, especially in Mumbai. If a film is really bad, even we can make out with our years of experience. But here, the audience is clapping, whistling, laughing… I was so thrilled when I quietly went to the theatres and saw it for myself. For us, the audience is God. We make films for them and they have proved once again that they love entertainment. I feel that if people write about a film, then they should also write about the audience response. The claps Shahid Kapoor gets during his entry and then throughout the film is amazing and for me, it’s important that my hero is accepted because the rest will follow.”

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