Aamir Ranks Salman as the Best Actor

Aamir-KhanThe 48-year-old actor, Aamir Khan, who with the 1988 blockbuster Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak became an overnight star, says that the Indian audiences are star-obsessed but insists that it is not the same in case with the industry. He says, “I think an entertainer has a great role to play in the society and he is often underestimated. I don’t think any of us – Salman, Shah Rukh and me – know the secret to our longevity. I wish we knew it.”

Superstar Aamir Khan, who has been ruling Bollywood along with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan for over 20 years, says there is no secret formula behind their long and successful innings in the industry. Aamir often draws comparison from the two Khans, Salman Khan and ShahRukh Khan in terms of ranking and popularity, frankly acknowledged that Salman was the real number 1 star and more popular than him and for SRK he says, “I think Shah Rukh is very well loved and fine actor. He is extremely charming and I love to see him on screen. It always brings a smile on your face when you see him.”

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