Abhay Deol Want Release Of Rock the Shaadi

Abhay-DeolThe release of the Rock the Shaadi is not confirmed acted by Abhay Deol. The film is directed by Navdeep Singh.“It is frustrating…I was angry for some time. Both I and Navdeep Singh (director) had put in months of hard work and energy. It was very sad when it did not happen. Then all sort of stories started floating around, it is not director’s fault, I was around. I have no idea where the project stands, if it is a legal issue or not, I have no clue about it. I have known Ekta Kapoor (producer) since many years, she is a sweet heart… It was my first collaboration with her. What has happened is tragic. I still hope that Ekta would pick it up again, which I think she can,” he said.

“I did the show because I liked the concept, it gave a platform to women. With what happens to women in our country, I thought even if five men are converted from being male chauvinist to women supporters and respect them, my job is done,” he said.

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