Abhishek Bachan Himself Take Credit For Dhoom 3


The latest blast of Bollywood is Dhoom3. There are lot chats happening about the film. One of the main charater of Dhoom is Abhishek. He always want credit for Dhoom3.

He said in an interview that ““Dhoom for me is a very emotional thing. Dhoom was my first success. It was during Dhoom that I made some wonderful friends. It’s always been a fun experience to make the film, even part one, which was a very small film. Uday and I were talking about it, that when we started Dhoom nobody thought that it would grow into this monster that it is today.

At that point, we were just trying something new. I remember Adi (Aditya Chopra) saying ‘I want to redefine the action genre. Let’s make it cool, let’s try something young, add bikes. People like bikes, good songs.’ Nobody knew it’s gonna have a sequel. Nobody knew it’s going to have a third part that it’s going to become this huge monster of a franchise. It’s just been a film that was lot of fun to do”

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