According to Kangna Deepika is the Sexiest actress of Bollywood

Kangana-Ranaut-Deepika-PadukoneRecently when star actor Aamir Khan was on KJo show he said that the sexiest actress in film industry is Kangana Ranaut. And the actress who is presently in Switzerland has reacted on Aamir’s comment.

“I think Mr Aamir Khan is an extremely intellectual man. His description of sexy isn’t like that of a layman. He would find honest and daring women sexy, I am grateful for this admiring comment. It encourages me to be myself and I think Amir Khan has great taste,” Kangana said.

When asked if she agrees that she is sexy, the 26 year old actress said, “Yes, I feel I am sexy because I am self-made, dependable and sincere. And these are the same qualities that I also find every sexy in men and women.”

Kangana Ranaut also feels that the sexiest actress in film industry is Deepika Padukone.

“I find Deepika Padukone is very sexy. She is self-made like me. When I watch her movie, I find something very susceptible and sensitive behind those beautiful large eyes,” Kangana said.

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