Alia Bhatt Getting Busy With Career

Alia-BhattAlia Bhatt, daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said about her recent projects. “I am not being offered any film. They are launching other people… giving 100 crore to other people. But jokes apart I think they are waiting for the right project and the right time. Till now nothing has come my way. It will happen. And when it does it will be with a bang,” Alia said. The actress will be next seen in director’s Imtiaz Ali’s road drama ‘Highway’.

Alia said, “My only training came from Imtiaz. I don’t like to get reference from anyone because the spontaneity goes away. Unless it really requires like if I play a lawyer or something then I will do some research for body language. This film required my character to be me. This urban city girl, who has been untouched. The character really fascinated me, especially her transition. We have got some really good playback singers… the industry has some beautiful voices. It is interesting also that actors do their own singing. I don’t know about singing in other films but I am intrigued to learn music. Rahman sir insisted that I should learn,” Alia said.

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