Alia Bhatt Is Not Confident About Her Talent

Alia-BhattAlia Bhatt is not confident about her current talent. Alia give more important to be a good actor, then want to be super star. But as of now she feels she is ‘zero’. She started her career with the film of now awaits the release of her film “Highway” and she will then be seen in ‘2 States’.

“I want to be a superstar but first I want to be an actor then I want to be a superstar. At the moment I don’t feel I have achieved anything. I am zero,” Alia told in an interview what’s her idea of a superstar? “A superstar should not have an attitude. They should have the charisma and appeal to connect with the audience. I think Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has that in her. When she walks in, you can’t help but look at her,” she said.

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