Alia Bhatt Says About Her Latest Work Experience

Alia-BhattAlia Bhatt is coming after her first movie ‘Student of the Year’ with Highway’ directed by Imtiaz Ali’s. She says about her experience with new movie”.

“I had a lot of questions and self-doubts whether I’d be able to shoot the film the way Imtiaz wanted it to be like. But I connected with the character on such an instinctive level that I decided to go all out. I sat on the ground, swung from the trees, learnt to live without hot water and electricity. Sitting on a chair became a luxury. I didn’t look at the monitor once during the shooting, which was vastly different from SOTY where I wanted to see every little frame to see how I was looking. I didn’t even brush my hair while shooting for Highway. We travelled throughout the country, into the villages and I got to meet so many women — real women — and I realized how strong they are. They have so little but they have such depth. City living makes us so disconnected with reality — we are in our bubble. At least I was. I’ve also been bashed for it but I’m honest about it” she said

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