Arjun Done Good To Reduce His Weight


Arjun Kapoor decided to reduce his weight when he heard the script of the movie. Ranveer singh and Arjun used to run together during shooting days. It helped him to reduce his weight.  Arjun Kapoor would start panting in the first minute of running itself. He surely did lose a lot of weight but physical fitness was something he worked on after taking up Gunday.

So, Arjun started training extensively to first start running for longer duration and once he achieved that, he started working on his performance while running as an actor. On the last day of shoot, when they were doing a running sequence, Arjun overtook Ranveer Singh and felt very proud about it.  “On the last day of the shoot when I was able to run neck to neck with Ranveer Singh, I was happy that I had finally achieved something,” he added.

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