Arjun Kapoor Asks To Give Chance for Him

Arjun-KapoorArjun Kapoor getting good news about his latest movie Guday. He said about the factors that attracted his to choose the film. Ali Abbas Zafar, the director of Gunday describes him as the “true manifestation of an Indian man — raw and rustic.

“Aurangzeb had all those old-school formulae coming together. It was a quintessential crime-drama with family at its center, but without songs. It didn’t work because the audience found it too dry for our mainstream cinema. Gunday, on the other hand, appealed to the child in me. It’s the kind of movie I aspire to make if I ever direct — it’s not some incoherent, mindless, commercial type of a film but with genuine weaving of emotions and solid characters. Also, a film about brotherhood and intense friendship hasn’t come our way in years. Gunday invokes the era of Sholay and Kala Patthar but holds its own. It’s not just a ‘two-hero falling for the same girl’ type of film. A brotherhood binds them because they are refugees together and their angst against the system is justified” he said about the attractive point of his movie Gunday.

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