Big B does not like India being called ‘Developing Nation’

Big-B-Amithabh-Bachchan“I feel proud of the fact that those very things that India was once criticised for, like our growth of population, etc is now looked upon by developed nations for great consumer consumption. It goes well. I hate India being called as a developing nation. I want it to be known as a developed nation. I think we are moving forward in that direction,” said Bachchan proudly at a function.

Big B confessed that when he entered the film world, the industry people disproved him for being so tall saying no heroine would work with him. Considering that his father, Shri Harivansh Rai had already established himself as poet, they said he should do something like that and leave the notion of acting. “One should remember criticising always encourage you to go out and do better. All those who rejected me, I eventually worked with them in all their films,” he added.

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