Bollywood to Support Artist Wajid Khan’s Exhibition

Wajid-KhanSignatures Sports & Entertainment under takes the prestigious projects in the art, sports and entertainment domain presented works by artist Wajid Khan Yesterday at Le Sutra hotel in Bandra.

“Wajid’s eye for detail, his perseverance and efforts can be seen in his art work. Signatures sports and entertainment have the marketing and the agency rights to make this emerging art popular in coming years. Each piece of art is unique and the only one on the face of the earth and comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” and a guarantee for a century” says Mr. Rashid Khan Director of Signatures Sports and Entertainments.

Wajid Khan said, “It’s just hammered nails when one comes to think of it, but depicting something as delicate as human expression created with crude nails is quite challenging. One nail follows another and hundreds and thousands more, each nailed to perfection with enduring and strenuous efforts giving birth to the most amazing 3-Dimensional Nail Art Portrait brimming with personified human expression.”

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