Comedians Come For Kapil Sharma


There was a complaint filed against comedian Kapil Sharma’s show Comedy Nights with Kapil. His jocks insulted pregnant women’s. He joked about how a road full of potholes can help a poor man with a pregnant wife, as once they hit a big pothole, delivery would inevitably happen.

“The comedians I have worked with so far have become very careful about women-related jokes. They have become conscious and don’t want to sound misogynistic or anti-feminist. These days, society is at least starting to make the right noises. Sensitivities have increased, but we all need to relax a little. We need to take comedy with a pinch of salt. With his Dadi and Palak, he (Kapil) can do the sort of comedy where he can kick them on their butts, but with his bua, he can’t. So that’s the advantage of cross-dressing. Plus, stereotypes are born out of truth. Punjabis are loud. Comedy is an exaggeration of the truth, but there is a fine line.” Said Neeti Palta and others also supported him

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