Crane Crash In Villain


The Villain, which also stars Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor on going with shooting works. A part of the crane came crashing down and cinematographer Vishnu Rao ended up injuring his right arm when he failed to move out of harm’s way. All the actors were ready to come for scene. We have got an eye witness to explain the situation.

“There were many crew members on the sets and they spotted the violently oscillating crane. People started to run for cover and there was a pandemonium. Unfortunately, a part of the equipment fell on Rao’s hand, almost crushing it. He was immediately rushed to a hospital.” Said an eye witness.

Balaji’s CEO Tanuj Garg said: “What happened is unfortunate. Yes, our DOP (Director of Photography) Vishnu was injured. Thankfully, there was not more, damage.” The movie is expected to release 27th June 2014

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