Deepika finally gets Hrithik


Hrithik Roshan is now Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s choice to play the lead role in,with Deepika Padukone playing heroine after being unable to work with HR in ‘Shuddhi’. Deepika had missed playing the heroine to Hrithik in ‘Shuddhi’, after the actor pulled out of the film post a traumatic experience after his break up with wife Suzanne Roshan.

The accident that the actor suffered on the sets of ‘Bang Bang’ was also weighing heaving on him and his film commitments were going for a toss.

As Hrithik held himself back, he realized that the best shuddhikaran to happen to the project was that he should get out of it and so he did.

But then Deepika managed to ensure that she got to work with the Greek God by pushing her diary to her Ram Leela director Sanjay Leela and bagged the film.

An official announcement is expected soon.

Just goes to show how actresses can actually get the films they want with the heroes they want to work with. We wonder, why actresses keep making statements that the heroes only choose the women, when the fairer sex knows its way to maneuver the men.

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