Deepika Padukone As Fashion Designer


Some report says that Deepika was involved in serious research at Milan’s creative arts university — Academia Di Brera. She just want to put more care on her dressing and style. “It’s a little bit of what I already have and what I would like to see myself wearing. The collection is really about wearing your own personality. That’s something I’ve always believed in. It’s important to not forget who you are,” says Deepika.

“Women fashion followers have been quite influenced by Deepika’s overall charisma and this creation sparkles with her elegant style. These dresses are an ultimate combination of style, class, modernity and substance,” points out Vinay K who is the brand head of Van Heusen Company. The collection that is currently available at all stores across the country. The presence of Deepika on board will help the line goes a notch higher with its trendsetting designs in couture spirit.

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