Ekta Kapoor Very Much Interested To Show Azhar Life

Ekta-KapoorIn the words of Ekta Kapoor, who has now bought the rights of making a film on his life, he is a Victim and a Victor who has emerged victorious.

“My dad is an obsessive cricketing fan and for him, Azhar sir is a cricketing god. My dad has shifted his interest in the construction business and is usually not interested in any of the movies I have made. But, he is jumping for this movie. Like my mother, Azhar sir, too, is an Aquarian and number 8. She too likes him, does not cry and is strong for everybody around her. He has been the captain all his life, be it on the field or off it. Some people are victims and some are victors, but those who are victorious have their collar up like he always does.”said Ekta Kapoor

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