Father Of Queen Speaking

Vikas-BahlVikas Bahl is waiting to get release his forthcoming movie Queen, which is his debut as a solo director. He is emotional and inherently loves people who are emotional. His determination can lead to him becoming stubborn.

“I can very easily put myself into the director’s shoes and can ride with him through and through. I am instinctive, impulsive and a really good team player. I am willing to go through anything and give my 100% for a person I have decided to be with all through my life. I will never leave a job half-done. I am very generous and feel my directors should do well and make a lot of money. Fame doesn’t excite me, good output does. If I am not even getting credited in the film but my friends and family know that I have done it, I am happy” said Vikas Bahl.

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