He Is Going To Cut Musical Hair

Pritam-ChakrabortyPritam was very busy for two years. Now he want to take break for some time. ” I don’t even have time to follow the quadrant,” he said by the Pritam Chakraborty is a music director and composer from Kolkata who currently composes music for Bollywood.

“Through a social networking site I’ve found old friends and I want to meet them, particularly a classmate who lives in Pune and has been inviting me to visit him for ages. I also want to visit my hometown “I will cut my hair so no one recognizes me when I am travelling. I’d shave too but before that, I need to lose weight or my cheeks will pop out!”n Kolkata, take my parents to an Ayurveda health center in Kerala and my kids to Disneyland.” He said.

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