Highway the Road Movie Is Coming On February 21

HighwayHighway is the movie of Imtiaz Ali, getting good command over the work and work progress. “It was the first time we watched the entire film with the audience and it was an overwhelming feeling to see that they were right there with every scene. “This film has taught me how to just be, without any facade or being fake. If I am stupid, then let me be stupid. It has given me the confidence to say ‘to hell with everybody, this is my space’,” said Alia Bhatt, the 20-year-old lead.

“I had the story defined in my mind but I wanted to keep the script open to be able to include whatever we stumbled upon during the journey of the film. Watching it with the audience in Berlin from beginning to end, I felt this story that has been with me for 15 years is now ready to be seen by the world,” said writer-director Ali.

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When Alia laughed and cried!

If you are one of the few people who has managed to catch the Imtiaz Ali directed film ‘Highway’ in the theaters, you cannot but help noticing Alia Bhatt who cries and laughs at the same time in the climax scene. And that is something that was not told to her. Alia Bhatt’s summarization of the roller coaster ride that …Continue reading »

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