Holly tickets for Sonam, Deepika

It is not new that Indian stars dazzled on the Hollywood screen. Recently the share is going high. However the catch is not so successful actress sonam Kapoor is in talks for super hit ‘Pirites of Carebians’ series. Audition and screen test took place recently for same. Per sources, Anil Kapoor dad of sonam is making the moves for sonam in the back ground to make things work for her. Anil did work on Hollywood before in films Mission Impossible, Slumdog Millionaire.

Deepika who is riding high with super success of Chennai Express also looking forward for her hollywwood debue. She has undergone a screen test for ‘Fast and Furious’ series next part. Chitrangada Singh, Kangana ranuat are the others being considered for this role. Let’s see who gets this oppertunity.

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