Hrithik Mother Take Part in Fitness Show

Pinky-RoshanLast year Hrithik Roshan mother posed for photographs with his mother Pinky Roshan at the gym. It was happened on mother’s day. The light-eyed superstar had revealed that getting his mother fit and into shape was his gift to her. Pinky also admitted that she loved what her son had done for her.

Says a source, “While Krrish 3 was being made, Pinky really got interested in working out, both on her own and along with her family, including Rakesh, Sunaina and Hrithik. Now, since she has the experience of transforming her physique, she will give a talk about it at the fitness expo. She will even demonstrate exercises and share fitness tips which have helped her” said a source about the participation of the Pinky Roshan’s Participation.

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