I Am Not Against For Marriage

Abhay-DeolActor Abhay Deol says his concept about marriage custom. “I am not anti-marriage. I see marriage as a cultural phenomenon and not as a natural phenomenon. I don’t think signing on a piece of paper will make me more committed than I already am. Whether I am married or not, if I am with you I am committed. That won’t change,” Abhay told.

“It is very easy to nullify a marriage by getting a divorce. The only sense marriage makes is to share property, your children inherit the name and all that…it is all legal reasons to get married and no reason for love. I think for two people of the same profession to date have their own set of difficulties and good part. The easy part is as actors you know how the schedule…working hours are, there is a lot of travelling, so the understanding is there. But there is disadvantage also, the same reasons like travelling, long odd working hours work against it (relation) as well,” he said.

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