I Don’t Want To Be Like Other Deols

Abhay-DeolOne By two is the latest movie in Bollywood. Lead role is taking by Abhay Deol and his girlfriend Preeti Desai. Sunny and Bobby are his cousins and Dharam ji His uncle, already made good with films. “When a good script comes along, I will. Where family is concerned, I will be more selective of whose directing it, who’s producing it and what kind of script it is” reveled his interest to act with relatives.

Adding further, “I would want to work with them one at a time, maybe not altogether. I think me and Bobby can do something different together, something different from what me and bhaiyya (Sunny Deol) or me and tayyaji (Dharmendra) can do. I might have to go look out for a script or develop one myself which I am happy to do”.

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