‘I Want To Be More Than An Actor” Says Salman


He want to be best human being than a perfect actor. He said in an interview this and also said some incidents those helped him to think in this way.

“One day I was passing by Prabhadevi and I saw a crowd as there was an accident but nobody was willing to pick up the people who were hurt. I also passed by and then thought if the person hurt had been my family or my friend, I would never have forgiven myself. So I helped them and it came from a fear of what if I knew that person. Then this thought was put in my head after seeing one of Mr Asrani’s films where he steals cars by putting nails on the road and in one such incident, his mother dies due to her car’s tire being punctured while being taken to a hospital. I have been impacted in my personal life seeing films and so wanted to make a film that would impact people’s lives.” He said.

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