Kareena Kapoor Having Good Scope on Her Husband

Saif-Ali-Khan-Kareena-KapoorKareena feels that her husband Saif Ali Khan will help her to get maximum. “He is an evolved man and an actor. I think he will make a great actor in Hollywood because he has immense talent. I think he is fit to be there… He has the looks, talent and attitude,” Kareena told.

“I am happy being here. I have no dreams of going there. Despite a lot of newcomers coming in, Kareena still seems to be one of the most sought after actresses and she feels privileged about the fact.It feels great and is a compliment. I think it is all about talent. Acting is something I have always been passionate about. New people will come and those who are talented will be here for a long time. I think there are too many talented actresses around, even newcomers are doing great work. People from small towns are coming in films and leaving a mark like Huma Qureshi and Mahie Gill. Every one is doing fine,” she said.

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