Katrina Ask To Respect What Salman Says

Katrina-Kaif-1Katrina Kaif is coming once again to support Salman Khan. She recently faced question from a journalist about Salman Khan. In an Award function which was hosted by Salman Khan Filmmaker Karan Johar on stage and threw a volley of questions at him in a mock rapid-fire round inspired by the latter’s popular celebrity chat show.

Salman Khan and Katrina were in gossip of love affair. They went for long time and after that everything went wrong. In an interview later when Kat was informed about the same, she replied with a smile and said “If Salman has said that then it is a very important thing. We should always respect what Salman says”. She never want to hurt her ex-boyfriend. Still, she support Salman who is disappointed with Ranbir’s relation.

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