Mallika and Vijay Singh are not staying together

Mallika-Sherawat-and-Vijay-SinghMallika Sherawat the sexy lady of the Bollywood done verity things to attract the people. He done a reality show to find his better partner. She selected Dharamshala based straggler Vijay Singh as her ‘humsafar’ . But never said to marry the winner. They look like real lovers.

Any way a source informed that Mallika and Vijay are not together. Yes, you read it correct! “Vijay and Mallika, who seemed to be in love during the show and had promised to spend time with each other once the show went off are not even in touch with each other. Vijay is ready accompany her but not her. She goes but unfortunately that’s not the case. The groom is still waiting for that day to arrive. Folks if you remember, the couple was also planning to go on a trip once the show got over but even that has taken a back seat. And the current status says that they are not together.

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