Married Actress Will Get More Support

Vidya-BalanVidya Balan married corporate honcho-producer, Siddharth Roy Kapur, a year ago. “It’s all good. Marriage is something I’d recommend everyone to try if you find the right person, of course. I’m enjoying being married. Just living with Siddharth is fun. We sometimes feel like flat mates because we are in and out. We have not had that much time together, therefore I still feel like we are honeymooning… without the guilt!” She said about shaadi ke side effects.

“I had been warned that a lot of changes happen after marriage and I kept waiting, thinking it’s just one month so maybe it’s too early for the changes to surface. Then I said its two months, then six months and after that, it’s been 14 months and nothing has changed. He’s the same person and I’m not bipolar, so he didn’t come in for any surprises either! Someone asked me if he is my best friend and I said, ‘Yeah, maybe a best friend with benefits” she further added.

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