Memmoreis of Pankuj Parashar

Pankaj-ParasharFarooque Shaikh went to memories recently. On his memorial function director Pankuj Parashar said his greatness to the actor and how was the position of Farooque on his beginning stage.

“‘Chashme Buddoor’ had just released and all the producers wanted Farooque Shaikh to sign their films. I met him and tried to convince him of my credentials. I am making a film and I have three lakh rupees, I said. He said, so what. I said I am from FTII where I won a gold medal. He said, so what. I was surprised when after balking at the proposal, he did actually say yes to it. Later when we began filming he said he had agreed once he heard I planned to shoot in Delhi during the winter — the lovely food in the capital tastes so much better during that season!”

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