Nargis Fakhri is a coward in real life!

It’s known that Nargis Fakhri is playing a spunky war correspondent in her upcoming film Madras Cafe. But the lanky actress recently revealed that she is a sissy in real life.

Nargis, who recently watched The Conjuring, said that the Hollywood horror film scared the daylights out of her. In a series of tweets, she unwittingly revealed her fear for the paranormal. And the fear was more real as she had just bought a piece of furniture that gave her the goosebumps after she watched the movie.

“ok so i got this cabinet from jogishwari which i thought was so awesome but then i watched the conjuring last night n hey delivered it 2day,” Nargis posted on a micro-blogging site.

“guys.. i’m gona turn out the lights now… n try 2 sleep… umm if i mean.. if i like disappear… tell em to check the cabinet!”

“wtf!!!!!! wood settles right? makes like weird creaky sounds?? right ?? ummm maybe i should bring this thing back???”

“All im saying is.. im totally freaked out now… those who seen the conjuring know what im talking bout..&the damn thing is making noises,” the Rockstar actor tweeted a volley of her fears.

And we wonder how she brought herself into portraying a war journalist in Madras Cafe opposite John Abraham! It is rumoured that Nargis’ character is modelled on award-winning journalist Anita Pratap who was known for her fearless reporting on the Tamil Tigers.

Presented by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and JA Entertainment and produced by Rising Sun Films and JA Entertainment , Madras Cafe, directed by Shoojit Sircar is scheduled to release on August 23.

The film has already ruffled many political feathers in Tamil Nadu because of its sensitive topic on the Sri Lankan strife.

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