No Effects after Marriage Says Vidya

Vidya-Balan-Shaadi-Ke-Side-EffectsVidya Balan is busy with the promotional work of her latest movie “Shaadi Ke Side Effects”. She says that life hasn’t changed a bit” after her marriage. She says that “it’s only the script that matters to me the most. If I like the script then I just commit to myself and go ahead with it”

“It’s interesting that I played a married girl in my debut Bollywood film, Parineeta, which means a married woman. So I think I am quite used to it now. But being married didn’t really help a lot in that sense because I was only married for two months when I started shooting for Shaadi Ke Side Effects. So it was too early for me to draw any parallels from my own life. I wouldn’t know if I unconsciously drew parallels from other people around me who are married, may be even I did, but I am not aware of it” she said.

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