Not Sales Sex Says Panda

Nila-Madhab-PandaNila Madhab Panda says about next movie. “The film deals with a very serious subject like HIV AIDS. The issue is very dark but I am dealing with it in a fun way with the help of song, dance and drama. I have not made it into a dark subject. I have dealt with it in a respectful but fun manner,” Panda told.

“I did not talk about the issue during promotions because I wanted people to discover it on their own. My take on the topic is that a disease like this should not stop you from living your life to the fullest. You have to deal with it but don’t consider it a death sentence. “I have a fun but important sequence about condoms but people are thinking that it is an adult comedy kind of film. It is not. It is a youthful film but I am not selling sex and vulgarity. My films are very special and I give a lot of time to them,” Panda says.

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