Now The Turn Of Arshad Warsi

Arshad-WarsiAccident news in Bollywood set is going as daily news. Arshad Warsi also faced accident, the actor said, “The shot required me to jump backwards and fall on my back. Naturally, the camera was placed behind me on a metal trolley. When I jumped, I overshot the spot and banged my head into the edge of the metal trolley. The fall was nasty as my head bounced on that trolley and was spinning for almost half an hour. Things started looking hazy. For a moment I thought my head had broken into pieces. My fight master thought I was finished. Maybe God was looking over me as someone had put a mattress on the trolley, which saved my life.”

“The assistants who explained me the scene didn’t do it entirely, so I couldn’t gauge the distance of the jump. That day was jinxed anyway, as I already had a headache and had taken painkillers just before doing that scene. I asked them not to cut the scene as I didn’t want to do it again. Who was to know that I would end up getting badly hurt.” he added.

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