Parineeti Chopra Goes Against Fathers Name

Parineeti-ChopraParineeti said about her dream and her father dreams about her. “No, I blew up the money I’d saved on a Jaguar. So now I have my dream car but will have to wait for my dream house. The actress points out that growing up in Ambala, she is used to spacious bungalows and her current residence in the city does not match up. “Mumbai apartments are small and cramped. I am living on rent till I can find something better,” she says.

“For him it was either doctor or an engineer, there were no other career options laughs the actress, admitting that when she told her father that she wanted to study business management he told her that only those who didn’t want to study got into business. However, he eventually gave in and sent her to London. “After I returned, I told him I wanted to act and he was like yeh kahan se aa gaya. But he didn’t stop me,” she said about her father’s dream.

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