Prabhu Deva Turns Against Critics


Prabhu Deva faced some questions about his latest movie. He came against this with hot dialogues.”What is so terrible about my film that critics have chosen to make personal remarks about me? With due respects, how are they going to decide what kind of films I should make? And if as they say my formula has become tired, why has R… Rajkumar opened so well everywhere, and not just in the single theaters but in multiplexes as well. Everyone from members of the audience to the ushers and canteen-wallahs at theaters said they loved the film. I personally saw packed theaters where audiences were clapping cheering and dancing.”

“If according to critics my style of film making is so tired and tiring, how come the audiences go to see my films? And as long as audiences see my films, why should I change my style? Even my harshest critics say there is a Prabhu Dheva signature style. Why should I give it up when so many other film makers are attempting it?” He Added.

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