Prabhudheva Will Go With Action Jackson

Ajay-Devgan-and-PrabhudevaPrabhudheva is coming with his new movie named as “Action Jackson”. They got leagal notice from Hollywood studio Warner Bros. claiming copyright infringement. But they are not ready to give up.

“We named the film ‘Action Jackson’ because our hero Ajay Devgan is known as ‘AJ’ and we thought it would be a good idea to use the initials and extend it into the title ‘Action Jackson’ as Ajay is doing both action and dancing in the film. “It isn’t like ‘Rambo Rajkumar’ where Rambo was a patented name by the Hollywood studio. How can anyone claim copyright over the words ‘action’ and ‘Jackson’? And since the word ‘Jackson’ is in my title for the dancing, we might have (late pop legend) Michael Jackson’s family claiming copyright violation. We can’t just keep giving in like this for every title. I had never heard of a Hollywood film titled ‘Action Jackson’. Didn’t it come 25 years ago? So many films are titled ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Should Shakespeare’s family sue?” He said.

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