Pritish Nandy The Bold Writer Of India

Pritish-NandyPritish Nandy is bold Indian writer. He is proud to be a filmmaker who encourages new talent. He is coming with his latest film ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’, which he has co-produced with Ekta Kapoor.

“I am not religious. I have no faith and am agnostic who is a disbeliever, and that gives me the freedom to look at the world differently from a whole lot of other people with a degree of objectivity. I don’t look at the world either as a worshiper or as a secularist. But I have faith in people. The more ritualized a Godman is, the more he will protect the structure around him to protect him, and you know, the more he has to hide. The other defining thing is that anything that is inexplicable by normal common intelligence is untrue. I start with that premise, and it has seen me through life very safely” he said about his article against Godman.

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