Priyanka Chopra Want To Do Big Role in Hollywood Film

Priyanka-ChopraPriyanka Chopra is not ready to do small role in Hollywood film. She came with animated film named ‘Planes’, she had given voice and songs for the film.

“If something interesting (from Hollywood) comes along (I may take it up). I am not someone who will just sit and say, ‘I want to do a Hollywood film just because films come my way’. I don’t want to do a small part in a big film just because it is a Hollywood film,” Priyanka told in an interview.

“I am happy with my career in terms of my music and my films. But if something excites me, why not…but it (Hollywood films) is not something I am actively pursuing,” said the star of films like “Dostana” and “Barfi!”. She had come with tow international debates like ‘In my city’ and ‘Exotic’. She was also recently named the face of fashion brand Guess.

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